Monday, April 2, 2012

Selfish Sewing...Zippered Pouch and Needlebook

Over the past few months, I've sewed a lot for other people (such as a baby carseat quilt [and another one!], baby quilts and bee blocks).

It was definitely fun, but I ended up having mostly non-handmade items for myself.  At a certain point I felt like I was becoming "the cobbler whose children go barefoot."  I decided to engage in some "selfish sewing" and make some projects just for myself!

1.  Zippered Pouch for Hand-Sewing
I recently started a Grandmother's Flower Garden project using large hexagons (to be shown soon!), and I wanted to store my flowers-in-progress somewhere.  I found two great tutorials (HERE and HERE) that walked me through the process of making a zip pouch!

One side...
Reverse side...
Each side uses a modified version of the Stargazing pattern from 99 Modern Blocks.  I used Essex Linen for the first time and used scrap fabric for the stars.  One side shows off "cool" colors, and the other side shows off "warm" colors.

Pretty easy zipper installation!

Before sewing, I ironed on some fusible interfacing to the back of the exterior, and machine-outlined the stars in a subtle white thread.

2.  Envelope Needlebook
I love working on hexagon and sashiko projects, especially when I travel.  I'm always losing my needles and pins, and I needed a safe place to store everything.  I saw THESE darling needlebooks, and I knew I had to make one for myself!

Front side...


It was easy to create the needlebook, and I enlarged the pattern by 150% to make it a little roomier.  I finished it off with some yellow wool felt and a pearlized snap.  I love it!

I really enjoyed how these projects turned out, and I have a few more to make.  I'm thinking of a pouch for my thread/thimble/etc., a handbag or two, and a mini quilt.  What is on your "selfish sewing" list?

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