Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Hexies Round the Rosie" Table Topper - Tutorial!

I just finished up a mini quilt / table topper, which is perfect to enter into the Modern Mini Quilts Challenge!  I love the bright colors and bold hexagon shape, so I'm calling it the "Hexies Round the Rosie" mini quilt or table topper.  I also took plenty of photos during my process to create a mini-tutorial!

Hexies Round the Rosie Mini Quilt
--Hexagon templates, 4 inches in diameter/2 inches per side.  I use pre-cut freezer paper templates and iron them onto the back of the fabric.  You can purchase them HERE or print your own HERE.
--24 light blue 5" squares of fabric
--12 dark blue 5" squares of fabric
--1 red 5" square of fabric
--6 strips of dark blue background fabric, 21" long by 4" wide
--3 strips of red binding fabric, 44" long by 3" wide
--Batting (about 1 yard)
--Backing (about 1 yard)

Measures 30 inches in diameter.

STEP 1:  Make the Hexagons
--Use my hexagon tutorial (available HERE) to create all of the hexagons.  You do not need to trim the fabric squares into hexagon shapes.

STEP 2:  Join the Hexagons
--I haven't yet created a tutorial for joining hexagons, but THIS website has some great instructions.
--Join the hexagons in the layout shown below.  Remove the center papers but leave the perimeter papers.  Press well.

Front of joined hexagons.

Back of joined hexagons.  

STEP 3:  Create Background
1.  Place the joined hexagons onto a piece of batting, with at least 5 inches of batting extending past the each edge.
2.  Place a background strip under one hexagon edge, overlapping the hexagon edge a little over the background fabric. (Figure A)
3.  Place a second background strip under another hexagon edge.  Take one background strip edge and fold under at an angle, so the fold is perpendicular to the bottom of the outermost hexagon.  Pin the fold. (Figures B and C)
4.  Repeat on all sides, then gently remove the hexagons.  Press.  (Figure D)
5.  Use a coordinating thread to edgestitch along the folded edge.  (Figure E)
6.  Trim the excess material.  (Figure F)

Figure A.  The hexies are overlapped just enough to make sure the batting doesn't show.
Figure B.  The bottom of the hexie is perpendicular to the fold.
Figure C.  The fold before pinning, pressing and sewing.

Figure D.  Looks like a giant hollow hexie!

Figure E.

Figure F.  Trimmed and ready.

STEP 4:  Quilt!
1.  Stretch the backing fabric on the floor and tape down to secure it.  Use spray basting to attach the backing to the batting.
2.  Remove the remaining paper pieces from the hexagons.  Place the hexagons over the background fabric (make sure the batting doesn't peek out).  Use spray basting to secure it.
3.  Quilt away!  I made a star pattern radiating from the center of the hexagon, but you can quilt as you like.  After quilting, edgestitch around the perimeter of the hexagon edges to secure the hexies to the background fabric.

Quilting in progress.

Closeup of quilting in progress.

STEP 5:  Trim and Bind.
1.  After quilting, place a ruler along the hexagon edge.  Measure two inches away from the outer points of the hexagons and trim the excess.  Repeat for all sides.
2.  Create a double-fold binding from the red strips (I did not use a bias binding, and it worked out fine).  Bind the mini quilt.  THIS is a great tutorial on binding, if you need it.

Trimming the excess.
You're all done!  Enjoy the mini quilt as a wallhanging or table topper. 

Finished mini quilt!


Quilt on my glass table top.
If you make any mini quilts using this tutorial, please email me photos.  I'll be happy to post them on my blog.  Enjoy!

PS:  Hello to all the readers from AmyLouWho and Crazy Mom Quilts!


  1. Hexies round the rosies! What a cute name! Love it!

  2. It's beautiful! And so perfect on your table! :o)

  3. Beautiful! I love the quilting and how the background is pieced!

  4. Wow! I love all those blues! Your quilt is lovely!

  5. I've been piecing a hexagon lap quilt in the same shape and was trying to figure out just exactly how I could finish the edges. I think you just saved me lots of time! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. Your table topper is lovely.

  6. Wow I really love this, it's a great size too xx


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