Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Modern Ninepatch Block - Tutorial

For this month's meeting of the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild, we are making "holiday" ninepatch blocks for a swap.  They can be any size and represent any holiday (not just Christmas and Hanukkah). 

At our meeting, a few folks mentioned the great site 15 Minutes Play, and the concept of "making" fabric from scraps.  It is a great way to use up your scrap bin and add a modern, freeform element to your quilts.  HERE is the basic tutorial.  I decided to use up a bunch of my red scraps and make a basic Valentine's Day ninepatch block!

Step one:  find lots of fabric scraps!

Step two:  sew scraps together to make larger pieces.

Step three:  slice and dice into smaller segments!

Step four:  sew into larger pieces.  You've just "made" fabric!

Step five:  cut the "made" fabric into 4.5 inch squares.  I got a bunch of squares out of the scraps (you only need five for the ninepatch block).

Step six:  add four 4.5 inch squares of other fabric (plain or patterned).

Done!  Measures 12.5 inches square.
You can use this technique for any type of patchwork block.  I had a few "made" fabric blocks left over, so I decided to make a July 4th themed block as well.  I just added some 4.5 inch Half-Square Triangles in blue and white:

Another block done!
I posted this on the South Florida Mod website as an inspiration to the other members.  I can't wait to see their beautiful blocks at the meeting next week!

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  1. Great blocks, I hope we get to see what the others make!


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