Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Better with Cheddar Quilt

A few months ago, I attended the spectacular event at the Park Avenue Armory called "Infinite Variety," which featured a private collection of over 650 red and white quilts!  It was a stunning event, and I'll have to post photos eventually.  As a reminder, you can download an amazing free iPhone or iPad app that shows all of the quilts in detail!

One of the quilts caught my eye, which was a feathered Lemoyne star pattern.  It featured a little touch of cheddar in the quilt.  Subtle from far away, but it packed a punch up close:

Look at that hand quilting!  Amazing...

Soon after the quilt event, I took a class with the talented Anita Grossman Solomon at the City Quilter.  She wrote a great book (called Rotary Cutting Revolution) that featured an easy pineapple block.  You can read my initial post about the class HERE.

I put away the projects for a few months, but I recently decided to finish it.  I didn't have the patience to create a bed-sized quilt, so I opted to make a wallhanging (perfect for our new house!).  I was so inspired by the quilt at the Red and White exhibit that I decided to make the quilt a little whimsical....

Here is the finished quilt, which I call "Better With Cheddar," because everything is better with a little cheddar (fabric or cheese) added to it!

Measures about 36 inches square.  I'm not planning on hanging it above the sofa (that's just for show).

I used Kona cotton in Snow, Chinese Red and School Bus.  I opted to free-motion quilt the white parts only with a dense stippling.  It was surprisingly easy to create, and I love the off-center pop of color!  It also reinforced how much I like working with solid all-solid quilt is now high on my list of to-do projects.

Close-up view.
Action shot as the quilt gets un-stuck from the tape!  Whee!

PS:  Hi to all of the visitors from Amy Lou Who's Sew and Tell Fridays


  1. It's stunning!! Love the touch of cheddar - genius!

  2. i think the red and white quilts are so stunning. that would have been a neat display to see. yours turned out beautiful.

  3. That is really beautiful! I have yet to do anything "all solid" but you have got me thinking... Great job!

  4. Beautiful job! You crack me up. I usually toss those action photos! I'll have check out that app. Both definitely pop with that extra accent of chedder.


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