Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Fashion Show!

My sister recently gave birth to a baby girl, who is the sweetest, cutest and chubbiest baby girl you'll ever see.  When we visited family last weekend, I brought along some baby clothes that I made for her!   I usually prefer quilting, but this was a great opportunity to try making clothes in various shapes and colors.  I used quilting-weight cottons, binding tape and snaps from my stash, and I found some online patterns for the clothes.

Look at that tiny arm!
 1.  The first item I made was a fat quarter skirt, and I found a free tutorial for it at Wink Designs. It came out nicely, but it wasn't quite as full as I wanted.  I added a little contrast fabric at the bottom, which I really liked.  I would wear this skirt if it were my size!

2.  The second skirt that I made was also using a fat quarter, and I found the free tutorial on PinkSuedeShoe (I did not make it reversible, but the pattern shows you how to do it!).  This time, the pattern called for the fat quarter to be cut into pieces that were 9 inches by 22 inches, so the skirt came out much fuller but shorter.  I remedied the length by adding a few inches of pink fabric trim, which turned out beautifully.  I used french seams for the pink fabric area, but I just used normal seams for the skirt (the french seams on the pink fabric plus french seams on the sides would have been too bulky in places).

3.  The third item that I made was an infant flyaway jacket from the book, One Yard Wonders.  The pattern was designed for a 0-3 month old, which would be too small.  I up-scaled the pattern, but it came out a little too wide for a 4 to 6 month old size.  I also modified the pattern by adding two pearl snaps on the front and overlapping the jacket a bit, which worked out well.  I used scrap flannel fabric and some red double-fold prepackaged bias tape.

3.  I made this "Snappy Toddler Top," which was a free pattern from PrudentBaby.  It was fun to make and looked like real baby clothes.  I increased the size of the yoke neck a little, and it looked a little better that way on the baby.  I also lengthened it to make it into a dress.  As a final touch, I topstitched the neckline in red and added a pearl snap at each shoulder.

4.  I made this dress using the Betsy pillowcase dress pattern from Etsy by OwlyBaby.  I used the 12-18 month size, and it turned out huge!  Some patterns tend to run small in sizing (and the baby is really large for her age, so she won't actually fit into 4-month old sizes), but this pattern definitely runs true to size.  I used pre-packaged binding tape, which made the dress come together quickly.  It was easy and really cute!   

5.  My sister requested this Lucy wrap dress, which is also available on Etsy by OwlyBaby.  I made a 12-month old size, lengthened it a bit to hit below the knee, and used the version that featured a tie waist (rather than a button closure).  This will allow the baby to grow into the dress and wear it for a while.  I used a Kaffe Fassett print in robins-egg blue and some leftover fabric from the Kate Spain Verna line (which I used making THIS quilt).  It had a bunch of pattern pieces, but it was surprisingly easy to put together.  Instead of using single-fold bias tape for the neckline, I just turned under the fabric, which worked perfectly fine.  I absolutely loved how it turned out!

I promised you a baby fashion show, so here it is!  You can see that most of the clothes are a little big.  But she's a growing girl, so I have no doubt that they'll fit in the next few months!  Enjoy!

Don't eat the dress!



  1. Very cute dresses! I am going to have to find that wrap dress for sure. I LOVE it!

  2. Your mini- model will be a style setter in these adorable originals. Lucky little lady to have you for an Auntie.

  3. Somebody give that little lady a modeling contract!


  4. Love the dresses! You did a awesome job & your model is adorable :-) Please, please tell me the desinger of the fabric & where you got it for the snappy top/dress. My little one has to have it for her upcoming strawberry birthday party! TIA!

  5. I know this is from forever ago, but these clothes are to cute! They look really well made too!


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